Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trying to KEEP CALM

Everyone knows of the WWII propaganda poster KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.
Many have seen it or a version of it throughout my house.
And I know you have seen it in the new SU catalog as a hostess item, as well as all the really awesome creations on various blogs from this new stamp set.
Yesterday, SU announced that they will be blocking this stamp set from being purchased due to legal reasons. I am so disappointed as I have not yet ordered mine! I really could kick myself for that since it seems it could be a very long time before anyone might be allowed to use this poster or any variations of it. 

The reason? A guy in Britain has decided that it is his to own and control and applied for  a trademark which he was somehow approved for. I have been buying KEEP CALM stuff for many years now and this really pisses me off. Of course, my ability to purchase KEEP CALM items is still there, but only if I purchase them from Mr. Mark Coop. It befuddles me how one man can own the rights to something so iconic, widely used and a piece of history that belongs to all the people of Britain. But, I am not a lawyer so I wouldn't know how something that seems so ridiculous to the commoner could happen in 2011 (when the trademark was approved). To me it seems an act of greed and selfishness, I can't imagine how the people of Britain must feel, to have one person claim something that belongs to everyone for monetary purposes. I also can't imagine how those that actually discovered the poster and researched it must feel knowing that one man is profiting from their hard work, and most of the time not even giving them the credit that is due to them.

Here is a LINK to sign the petition as well as all kinds of information and other resourceful links to learn about this interesting piece of history. Please sign it. Even if we never get the chance to buy the stamp set, no one deserves to own sole rights to this piece of history.

And for some fun, here is a LINK where you can create your own KEEP CALM poster for FREE. You have the option to purchase items with your creation on it, or just save your creation to your computer and use as you please. I have made several KEEP CALM's on here, my favorite being the one for my bathroom which I made 2 years ago and keep forgetting to print and hang. My motivation has been renewed! I need to pick out a great frame and hang it ASAP!