Thursday, September 15, 2011

Can you believe there are still places in the US that look like this??

San Miguel Island. Across the Santa Barbara Channel, off the coast of California. Uninhabited except for a park ranger, only 30 visitors allowed per day. It has a campground with only 10 sites, the wind is so strong (up to 50 mph), that you can't even build a campfire. It's often shrouded in fog & is only accessable by ferry, which isn't always running due to sporadic weather conditions. Still, it sure would be an awesome place to visit. Maybe that's how nature has kept this intriguing place so pristine in the midst of the rest of the world being ruined- crazy weather & underwater rocks have made it almost inaccessable by boat, there's only one place you can come ashore due to the high winds & that's only by dinghy or some sort of small boat. It was at one time inhabited by sheep breeders but the last of those left when Pearl Harbor happened. To live 12,000 years ago & wake up to this gorgeous view, I wonder if the people then appreciated it as much as we do now, or if they didn't even notice since everything was more beautiful then...