Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Craft Area Revamping Part III

I'm feeling pretty excited about coming close to the end of redoing this area, but sad at the same time because it's a small space and only some of the ideas I've had I've been able to incorporate. Regardless, I'm very happy with how everything has turned out so far and I look forward to the day when the table is clear (not likely) and everything is perfectly organized (really not likely). 

I still have some organizing to do, and finish selling the items I'm not keeping, but I am keeping the faith that sometime in the near future I will have the organization I dream of. :)

ALL the stuff taken out of the cubes and "carefully" placed on the dining room table. Well, a lot of it is on the dining room table, and a lot of it is sitting haphazardly in the storage unit just out of the picture to the left. Some of the cubes were already gone at this point when I realized I should try to get a pic.

The new unit to replace the white cubes. Much smaller. I have debated on adding another, skinnier gray unit to this but can't decide. Would I like the extra space? Absolutely, but that would allow me to hoard again, lol. 

I did some more work on this area after this pic was taken, SOME of the stuff on the top has been put away, more of those white boxes were added for embellishment storage and all of the red bins now have chalkboard Decor Elements cut with a Labels Framelit Die on the front, with a list of what's inside. The bottom 4 red bins are full of stamps, which after receiving my big order from the new catty I am quickly realizing that I may have to add another bin to accommodate everything.

It has really surprised me but I actually feel like there is more space in the room now. I would have assumed that changing from the white cubes to the dark shelving would have made the room feel smaller but I feel the exact opposite. 

That card you see on top kind of in the middle of the unit is the very first Mother's Day card my son picked out for me and bought all by his self. He was away on a fishing trip that weekend and bought it while he was away. It's a really great card, fitting for the two of us and I was touched that he obviously spent time picking it out. That probably maxed out his reading limit for the day, lol. It may not be handmade but it's by far the best card I've ever received. I may just leave it up there till next Mother's Day! I am always amazed at what a great kid I got stuck with and I am so grateful for my luck.

Lauren suggested storing the 12x12 DSP in one of the red bins, after playing around a bit and cutting a little off of the bottoms of the dividers, it worked out perfectly! The SU paper holders I was using did not fit into the storage unit spaces and I was never completely happy with them anyway, this was an excellent alternative. It also allowed me to go through the enormous box of non-SU 12x12 and store them in a separate red bin. It was awesome to get rid of the box I had sitting out for so long because I had no other place to store it! And it was also awesome to separate what I didn't plan to use, it was such a pain to go through all that paper to try to find something I wanted to use!

So, I feel all in all it's turned out pretty well. I do need to still add curtains, which I hate dealing with because I hate picking out curtains, and I've been considering purchasing punch storage units because the storage I'm using now has already been filled to the brim with the recent additions from the new catty. I just need to get around to ordering them and finding the time to paint them to match everything. They come in wood so hopefully it won't be too much work. If I never have to sand another thing again I will definitely NOT complain about it!

My next big plan for the room is the table. I can't decide if I just want to refinish it, or try something new. Either way, it will be a while so don't hold your breath! First, I have a coffee table project planned that has been in my mind for several weeks but I'm just getting around to purchasing the items I need to start it. Hopefully this weekend will bring some free time for that.