Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Craft Area Revamping Part II

So, after completing the chairs, I started focusing on the awful, not too useful bookshelves I had on the smaller wall. They looked like crap and were not giving me optimal storage space. I of course did not take a before pic, surprise, surprise. I've been driving myself crazy trying to figure out the best storage options for the least amount of money. And of course, I found what I needed at Ikea. After making 3 trips, 3 days in a row, I decided on what I wanted, we took it home and I must've caught Mike in a good mood cause he helped me put it all together. And this was after he was done putting together Alec's new bed so I don't know, maybe he was sick or something. Either way, I took advantage of the help and we had everything together in no time at all. Turns out, we're a pretty good team. I'm good at reading directions and handing him the stuff he needs in the correct order and he's good at banging crap into place and making sure the screws are all nice and tight.

This is the 1st section of the new unit.....

Serendipitously they had one in a gloss gray finish! It perfectly matches the shade of the chairs and I finally get the gloss I wanted the chairs to have, lol. 

And the 2nd piece is quite versatile, you can stand it long-ways, tall-ways, put casters on it, all kinds of stuff. I chose to add it to the top of the large unit since that area is rather small.....

You can see in the background one of the new chairs and how well it matches the storage unit. 

There are so many options with this unit, which is called Expedit. You can purchase drawers, doors, baskets, bins, all kinds of stuff that fits perfectly into the square openings. For now, I chose to go with the red bins because that was the only choice they had that matched well with the fabric of the chairs. While the drawers they sell are too small for my needs, I'm considering buying some gloss gray doors, I have a lot of moving around to do with that area before I know exactly what additions I'll need for it. I did want more of the red bins but that was all they had in stock that day so I'll be going back soon to get a few more. 

And for the final addition for now, I used some of the leftover fabric from the chairs to make a french memo board. The frame was purchased at- you guessed it- Ikea, then sanded (ugh) and painted with some of the leftover chair paint. Batting was attached to the backboard of the frame then wrapped with the fabric. The satin ribbon is SU Old Olive and the 'buttons' are SU Basic Gray corduroy brads. I could not find upholstery pins that I liked so I had to substitute with the brads which I ended up being perfectly fine with.The ribbon doesn't look quite this shiny in person.

I still need to get curtains, which I dread, and I've got a few other ideas floating around that I'd like to add to the room when I get time but I'm very happy with the progress so far!